Current Inoculation for Fear

Ecover_TheRaptureofGenusApis_V2 copyCurrently available on Amazon in digital format:
The Rapture of Genus Apis by Lester Lakey

The following is a brief synopsis of TROGA:

The Rapture of Genus Apis has two parts that alternate between the story of Frank Bernard and that of an unnamed narrator. The unnamed narrator complains of voices in his head and believes his country of Nacirema has deteriorated into a society of apocalyptic hysteria. He mocks strangers nearby that God has raptured the honeybee after he reads a daily newspaper headline: “Where have the honeybees gone?” However, to the narrator’s surprise, and to the people around him, he vanishes. The narrator finds himself on an artificial planet where he is confronted by the entity that has abducted, or raptured, the honeybees for their own purposes.

While the narrator’s journey is filled with wonder and danger, Frank Bernard is caught in the turbulent events occurring after 2012 in the country of Nacirema, during a time of religious hysteria and unchecked corporate influence. Frank’s path leads him to an unlikely friendship with a medicine man named Jonah Redsands. Unbeknownst to Frank, his future is about to collide with the Old Energy Corporation and its attempt to make weather into a commodity.

The Rapture of Genus Apis is adult fiction with elements of science fiction and satire. This novel includes themes such as loss, ritual, humor, and healing, around topics of end-time beliefs, privatization of society, and dwindling resources.

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